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a bottle of Cotes du Rhone redThe Cotes du Rhone in Provence is home to some of the most dependable wines -- at prices that are equally appealing.

The reason for the affordability is a combination of the abundance of wine produced and the concentration on making fine wines rather than marketing them.

Mother nature also lends a hand in the beautiful Rhone Valley which is the sunniest region of all of the France.with climate that remains the most constant.

Of the twenty three grape varieties grown in the Cotes du Rhone region, Syrah and Grenache are the most commonly used for reds with Mourvedre, Cinsault or Carignan added.

The reds, in fact, are the area's most popular (over 75% of Cotes du Rhone wines are red) which are generally full-bodied with an alcoholic content higher than most French wines.

Their versatility is attested by their appearance at anything from main meals to cheese courses to dessert (also see: For the Holidays: What Wine with Turkey?)

A view of Tain l'Hermitage along the Cotes du Rhone wine road.

While the reds are the star of the region, Cotes du Rhone whites are produced from Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne, Grenache Blanc, Clairet and Bourboulenc grapes -- with flavors that range from dry citrus to mellow and robust. The herbs that grow abundantly in the area give the wines hints of lavender, juniper, bay laurel, fennel, rosemary, sage and thyme.

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