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sauvignon blanc grape, Loire Valley
The Sauvignon blanc is the
grape principally used in
Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé,
the two major appellations.

There are many who share the opinion that the Loire Valley is the most beautiful section of France.

The Terroir-France site captures the essense of the region when they say, "It is probably more accurate to say that the Loire Valley is made of several different regions which have one thing in common: the river."

The beauty of French wine is in its variety, and no where is this more true than the Loire Valley.

The Loire river runs through many regions which produce wines that vary in sweetness and ability to improve with aging.

Some of the Loire wines are best drunk young, while others can be savored decades after they are produced.

The Loire runs through regions with familiar-sounding names such as Berry, Touraine, the Nantes region, Haut-Poitou and Orléans.

The Chateau de Saumur vineyard in the Loire Valley.

Within these large appellations you will find more variation in climate... and in wines. You'll find names such as Anjou, Saumur, Pouilly-Fumé, and Sancerre to savor.

If touring the area. a stop at the incredible world famous Loire Valley chateaux is a must -- but also don't forget to taste the wine at any number of historic cellars that also dot the area.

You'll surely want to linger awhile...

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