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Stahleck Castle at Bacharach, Middle Rhine
Stahleck Castle at Bacharach, in
the heart of the Middle Rhine
wine growing region.

This region, 'The Middle Rhine", begins just below Bonn and reaches south for about 60 miles.

The Mittelrhein is a scenic region known for its steep, terraced vineyards covered with Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Kerners grape vines.

Like many other sections of the Rhine valley, the vine-covered hills are often crowned with castles and ruins from historic battles that have been fought over this valuable stretch of real estate through the centuries.

The village of Bacharach (photo, above) has been the heart of the Middle Rhine since the Middle Ages. Today, both banks of the peaceful Rhine River contribute grapes to the wines from this region. Here, white wine grapes are more frequently grown than almost anywhere else in Germany.

The wine from the Middle Rhine -- from the clayish slate soil of the steep hills -- is fragrant, with fruity overtones and high acidity which tends to produce wines that age well such as the world famous Reislings of the region.

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