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nahe vineyardThe river Nahe (which rhymes with "yah!") winds through the hills of Germany meeting the Rhine near Bingen.

On the hills and in the valley of this river and its tributaries are some spectacular wine growing areas that are only now stepping out of the shadows of the Rhine and Mosel wine growing neighbors.

As in many German wine regions, the Riesling grape is the most popular in this area, but the soil and climate here make for a spicier wine, and the development of German ice wine reaches heights that are found in very few other areas of the world.

More information about Nahe wines around the Web:

Nahe (wine region) Wikipedia
- Here's an excellent beginner guide to the wines, history and terroir of the region including lots of colorful photos, maps, and related resources to more information.

Nahe Wine - Check out the official Nahe guide featuring an interactive map, listings of area wine makers in each village, details on Riesling and other grape varieties, and related information on what to see and do along the Nahe wine route.

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