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Massaya vineyard, Lebanon
Massaya vineyards in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Wines of Lebanon



Cuisine & Wine of Lebanon

Lebanon wine touring

Increasingly, Lebanese wineries are marketing themselves to tourists with guided tours of the wineries and vineyards, dinners, wine tasting, and special evening and weekend events. Wineries are primarily found in the Bekaa Valley - where arid, sunny days and cool evenings create the perfect vineyard climate...

Wines, Vines Thrive in Israel's Terroir

Wines of IsraelOver the past quarter century, the wine producers of Israel have raised their standards to world-class levels. There are now more than 120 wineries producing thousands of wines annually. The wines of Israel range from light white to dry red and sweet rosé...


Middle East winemakers strive for recognition - This archived news feature from NBC gives the modern picture of wine production and the part war and politics plays in Lebanon, Syria, Israel and elsewhere.

Wine in the Middle East - Here's a brief overview from Wikipedia detailing the history and customs of wine production in the medieval Mideast.

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