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beach at sunriseAs temperatures soar, the longing for someplace cool lures millions of people to the shores of nearby lakes, rivers or ocean beaches. From the urban jungle to the backwood forests -- summer can only mean one thing. HIT THE BEACH!

But, swimmer beware: not all beaches are created equal. Lakes may be too cold, local ocean surf too rough, or waters too polluted to be much fun.

Know before you go with expert tips from helpful guides like Dr. Beach who has been reviewing US beaches for decades now and is regarded as the ultimate seal of approval for guaranteed fun in the sun. Best word-of-mouth online? Also try "Trip Advisor's Travelers Choice Awards" for the Best Beaches in the United States.

If your lucky enough to travel the world this summer, also be sure to browse National Geographic's list of the World's Top Beaches or US News & World Report's Best Beaches in the World.

Next up, check out our our own survey of US and worldwide beaches with useful information, helpful resources, insider notes and offbeat facts for locating the most popular places around the planet for swimming, surfing, or lazing the days away this summer...

Have fun!

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How to Tips for Surfing Beginners
Surfing - Surfer Riding A Wave

Learning to surf is like learning to walk... watch and practice, then practice some more. Surfing is a skill that can take years to perfect, but Fred Riehl of Brave Surf adds a few helpful pointers to get you off the beach, on your board and ready to catch a wave...

Fraser Island — Escape Forever
Fraser Island Australia courtesy Kingfisher Bay ResortFor Aussies, Fraser Island isn’t just an island paradise. It’s a unique and luxurious combination of Australia’s rich natural heritage. It’s a chance to touch the fine sands, to drift in the turquoise water, to bask in the sun that seems all yours...
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