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Crimea vineyard in UkraineThe Ukraine wine regions include the Crimea, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev, Transcarpathia and Zaporozhy.

Crimea has the largest area devoted to viticulture (63,000 hectares), and the wines from this region are considered the best quality.

The Massandra winery in the Crimea was built in the 1890s to supply Czar Nicholas II's nearby summer palace. Dessert wines, such as Krasny Kamen (Red Stone) Muscat are a specialty of the region.

With 290 days of frost-free days the grapes are able to be harvested ripe and some overripe which adds natural sweetness to the wines. Dryer cabernets such as Abrau and Miskhako and fortified wines such as the Black Doctor are well known and Artyomov sparkling wine made by the champagne method and bottled in the eastern Ukraine is also an excellent choice.

Kherson's Perlyna Stepu (Pearl of the Steppe) white dry wine has been a popular choice for several decades.

NOTE: Of late, many of the top quality wines in the Ukraine are being counterfeited, and watered-down versions or even vinegar may be passed off as the genuine article. Winemakers have taken steps to stop this practice by adding holographic labels and other marks that are not easy to duplicate to the bottles. Just make sure to buy from reputable dealers or, if you're traveling through a Ukraine wine region, direct from the winery ...

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