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Let Your Engagement Ring Reflect Your Style

Blue Sapphires Courtesy Dept. of  Geology & Geophysics, University of Wisconsin-MadisonIf you're shopping for engagement rings and can't find a diamond in a setting that you like... the problem may not be with the rings youíve seen.

It may be because you really donít want a diamond ring.

Why not consider alternatives?

The traditional engagement ring may be diamonds set in gold, white gold or platinum, but does your ring need to be defined by tradition? Not everyone is crazy about diamonds. A lot of women skip getting an engagement ring because they just donít like the look of a diamond ring on their finger. They donít realize that it is possible to design a ring around your own tastes by choosing another gemstone.

A friend who got engaged recently loves garnets. She built her ring around the stone she loves... one beautiful garnet set in platinum with a ring of smaller diamonds as accents. The ring is beautiful. It not only reflects the light, it reflects who she is and the things that are important to her.

Many newly engaged couples who can afford spectacular diamonds are deciding to use other stones to announce their engagements to the world.

If your favorite gemstone happens to be ruby, emerald or sapphire (or perhaps your birthstone?)
consider throwing tradition out the window as you choose your own unique engagement ring.

While most designs still incorporate diamonds as an acknowledgment of the traditional engagement ring, the centerpiece is often another gem.

It's a statement of individual taste. It tells the world that your love and your relationship are as unique as your ring. You are a couple who chooses traditional values, but on your own terms.

If the stone that you adore is a ruby, sapphire, amethyst, garnet, turquoise or another gemstone, why not think about creating an engagement ring that is based on what you like instead of what you ought to wear?

If youíd like, you can also add diamonds to the design to keep the traditional engagement ring motif, but make the stone of your choice the focus of your ring.

There are many sites online that let you build a ring for your engagement. If youíve always dreamed of that diamond engagement ring and you wouldnít consider anything else, you can design a beautiful ring with a diamond as the centerpiece. If you are looking for a really big diamond to impress all of your friends with the fact that your fiancť has invested quite a bit in an engagement ring, you can build a multicarat diamond ring with smaller diamonds as accents.

If diamonds are not your best friends and you want your ring to say so, go for a stone that makes you happy. After all, itís your engagement ring. It should reflect your tastes and be as different from the ordinary as you are!

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