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pearlsShopping for bling has never been easier!

You no longer need to go to Mallorca for pearl jewelry, or to Italy to find great deals on gold, or even have an uncle in the jewelry business to find a great deal on a diamond ring. Buying jewelry online is the best way to get the highest quality at the lowest prices.

Say goodbye to buyers remorse... where you're left wondering if you really got what you paid for. Leave the high pressure sales tactics behind and look for wholesale and retail outlets that include ring building guides and diamond buying lessons and advice.

You'll be shown what to look for in pearls, precious and semi-precious stones whether you buy them mounted or loose. The strange language that jewelers use to describe what you're buying is translated into words that make sense so you really can shop with confidence and know that you made the right choice.

Along with a selection that you'll never find at your jewelry store or local mall, you'll get tips on what's in fashion and what's not so hot — as well as which pieces will be a good investment in years to come.

It doesn't matter whether you're in the market for accessories for yourself, a special holiday gift, prom jewelry, a diamond engagement or wedding ring, or want to learn about jewelry as an investment. You'll find brilliant advice, an amazing selection of certified stones, designer settings and prices that will delight you available at these online resources...

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More jewelry buying tips and advice from around the Web:


Jewelers of America - Consumer Education - The professional organization of ethical jewelers offers downloadable brochures in PDF format on shopping intelligently for gold and diamonds, how to choose a professional jeweler, pick out an engagement or wedding ring, and lots more for a complete education on jewelry buying.

American Gem Society - This is the official site of the industry organization with how to buy a diamond and other jewelry, related FAQ, searchable database of member jewelers..

Engagement Ring Guide - Check out tips, advice and overall education on what to look for in diamonds, settings, how much to spend, plus a special section on the 4 C's - cut, color, clarity, carat plus more on diamond care and certification.

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