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pearlsThe trick to buying jewelry?

Keep your head while you follow your heart!

Just up ahead, learn more about where to find the best prices, the best times to buy, and more savvy shopping tips for scoring great deals on bling for yourself or as a heartfelt gift:

Buying jewelry online

You no longer need to go to Mallorca for pearl jewelry, or to Italy to find great deals on gold, or even have an uncle in the jewelry business to find a great deal on a diamond ring. Buying jewelry online is the best way to get the highest quality at the lowest prices.

Added bonus: Leave the high pressure sales tactics behind and look for wholesale and retail outlets that are almost like having a virtual "uncle in the business" offering jewelry shopping tips and buying advice.

Buying jewelry in-store

While onlline is always the easiest option, a brick-and-mortar jewelry shop offers its own advantages. Seeing jewelry up close is one, Negotiating a better deal with a jewelry merchant face-to-face is another. As always, it's best to shop around first to see who's offering the best prices.

Mornings are generally the best times to start browsing, since sellers are more apt to feel more generous at the beginning rather than the end of the day. Besides arriving early, be sure to take your time, ask questions, and find out if there's any chance for wiggle room -- like a discount for paying cash upfront instead of using your credit card.

The best time to buy jewelry? After the holiday rush is ideal for finding bargains in-store or online.

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When to shop for jewelry

Timing is everything.

Whether you buying at a brick-and-mortar store or online, the best time of year to go jewelry shopping is usually January to March, when prices are at their lowest following the Christmas rush.

After that, prices slowly begin to rise throughout the year. So if you're in the market for jewelry gifts for Mother's Day and Father's Day it's best to think ahead -- and shop early.

While gold jewelry is at its cheapest in March, diamonds are an exception to the rule as they are generally at their most affordable in August (just before another holiday rush begins). Note: Also watch for special deals on diamond rings during February when stores enjoy shopping record volume during Valentines Day sales.

The best day to shop for jewelry? Forget the weekend and wait until Monday, when jewelers usually offer special deals to lure in customers. Pro Tip: the slowest day of the shopping week also means smaller crowds and an opportunity to negotiate a better price.

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Jewelers of America - Consumer Education - The professional organization of ethical jewelers offers downloadable brochures in PDF format on shopping intelligently for gold and diamonds, how to choose a professional jeweler, pick out an engagement or wedding ring, and lots more for a complete education on jewelry buying.

American Gem Society - This is the official site of the industry organization with how to buy a diamond and other jewelry, related FAQ, searchable database of member jewelers..

Engagement Ring Guide - Check out tips, advice and overall education on what to look for in diamonds, settings, how much to spend, plus a special section on the 4 C's - cut, color, clarity, carat plus more on diamond care and certification.



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