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Kerid Crater in IcelandThe first natural wonder on the Golden Circle tour in Iceland is usually a stop at the volcanic crater, Kerid (Kerið).  

This is one of a group of volcanic hills called Tjarnarholar, (lake hills). Although we did not see any other massive craters nearby, our guide explained that the Grimsnes region was formed by these explosions, but that was about 3000 years ago.

The inactive volcanic slag crater, Kerid, is dormant. The only evidence of the forces that once shaped the landscape are the volcanic rocks that form the walls and the ground that we stand on peering down into the water below us. This sleeping monster is quiet. Perhaps it is dreaming of the days of glory when magma spewed from it's core and spilled onto the surrounding soil building the very ground that now supports curious visitors. Even at rest, there is power here.

Kerid CraterThe remains of the volcano are impressive. It is a 180-ft. deep, 3,000-year old explosion crater that has left a hole in the earth about 270 meters long (close to 300 yards) and 170 meters wide (about 185 yards).

That would be, in American terms, about three football fields long by two football fields wide. Try making the trip around by foot and you'll soon discover that it's a very long walk!

Now filled with water, it forms a green lake surrounded by steep, circular slopes. A pool of strange looking, colored water collects in the bottom. The pond is between 7 and 10 meters/yards deep depending on the water level of the surrounding area.

The sides of the crater are steep but a few daring tourists always decide to climb down to the depths. The really difficult part? Getting back up the 55 meters to the top again...

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