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Party Like It's 1929

cocktails & coattailsBack in the bad old days, it was not wise to draw too much attention to your drink order at speakeasies, weddings, or other public family gatherings when Prohibition effectively forbid the sale or use of alcohol.

Today, drinks from the heyday of the Roaring 20's continue to be the perfect choice for the modern office party or after hours get-together, since they can be easily mistaken for less potent beverages.

A rule of thumb for mixing any Prohibition-era drink is to start with an alcoholic beverage and then sweeten it, or otherwise wrap it in an air of innocent respectability.

Dubonnet Cocktail

dubonnetOriginally invented to mask the taste of Prohibition 'bathtub' gin, this classic drink still retains its air of sophistication. And if anyone asks, you're drinking Dubonnet. Classy.

1 shot Gin
1 shot Dubonnet
Lemon Twist

Add a few ice cubes to a mixing glass. Add Dubonnet and gin. Mix and strain into a chilled cocktail or rock glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

high ball cocktailHighball

To all the world it looks like you're drinking ginger ale (and, it's OK. You never swore to tell the whole truth.)

1 shot rye whisky
Ginger ale

Add ice to a highball glass. Mix in ingredients. Serve.

long island ice tea cocktailLong Island Iced Tea

Don't let the name fool you. Cola lends color to the Long Island Iced Tea, and since the 1920's, no actual tea has ever been added to the authentic recipe. In fact, the Long Island Ice Tea is so potent that one (and only one) should ever be consumed at one sitting:

1 shot Vodka
1 shot Tequila
1 shot White Rum
1 shot Gin
1 shot Triple Sec
Sweet & Sour Mix, or sugar and lemon juice to taste
1 splash Coca-Cola

Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour into tall Collins or drinking glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge and serve with a straw.

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