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Hyvaa Joulua - Merry Christmas in FinlandLike many of the Nordic countries, Finland lights up the holidays with laughter, feasting, and lots of candles. They can be seen nearly every window - in homes, schools, shops - and just about everywhere at Christmastime.

It truly is a joyous time of year and a good opportunity to shake off the gloom of winter with holiday parties usually beginning in early December ... as the clock ticks down to Christmas Eve.

That's the day when Finland relaxes from weeks of cooking, baking, and cleaning to enjoy a day filled with fun and family.

Christmas Eve begins with a traditional noonday Christmas sauna, later followed by a feast filled with Finnish specialties such as Christmas ham or codfish, platters of salted meats or pickled herrings, and carrot or potato casseroles.

The traditional bowl of Glogi, or mulled wine is usually presented along with delicious sweet treats such as traditional Finnish Christmas bread, joululeipa, and a heaping plate of homemade Piparkakut, (Christmas gingerbread cookies in the shape of crescents and stars.)

Around the Web, check out more information on other seasonal customs observed around the country, including a virtual visit to Santa Park in northern Finland, photos and videos from Turku where the official Christmas proclamation is read, and traditional events planned in Helsinki, the capital city ...

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