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Helsinki tourist attractions
Finland Fast Facts

Capital : Helsinki

Time Zone : GMT/UT +2

Language(s) : Finnish (official), Swedish (official), English

Currency : Euro € info

Bordering Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Sweden to the West, Finland is a northern gem with its climate regulated by the North Atlantic current and its thousands of lakes which keep the temperature relatively moderate.

Helsinki is the first stop on many tours around Finland. The capital city offers truly cosmopolitan creature comforts including posh hotels, clubs, cafes & nightlife.

Major attractions in Helsinki include the grandeur of Senate Square, as well as ornate 19th century churches and cathedrals. The remote and dazzling Finnish countryside is also a major draw.

Laid-back boat tours around Finland's biggest lake, Saimaa, as well as world-class fishing around the thousands of islands of the Archipelago are what attracts many travelers during the height of the summer.

At any time of year, Lapland is also a major stop for its famous connections with Christmas reindeer and Finland's most famous resident, Santa Claus.

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