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apple pieFirst enjoyed in various forms in Egypt and Greece, ancient Rome perfected what we now know as the modern pie where it spread throughout Europe and the world. And the rest, as they say, is pie history.

Across the centuries and national boundaries, pies have come in many shapes and sizes, inspring recipes that range from traditional American apple pie and tarts — to dozens of variations on the theme including Cornish pasties, Mexican empanadas, Polish pierogi, and Italian Easter pie.

Today, the traditional pie remains a versatile entree, side dish or dessert that incorporates all kinds of meat (including beef, lamb, venison, chicken or turkey), cheese, nuts or fruit.

In North America, what first springs to mind when one thinks of pie is a delicious dessert filled with apples, cherries, blueberries, pumpkin and many more. In the US, mouthwatering regional favorites from the South like pecan pie, sweet potato pie, and Key Lime pie have been widely adopted by American families as their own nationwide.

Some of America's favorite dessert pies: Pumpkin, apple and cherry pie,

Dessert pies have become so popular, in fact, that America boasts its own National Pie Day celebrating the sweet treat annually every January 23rd.

Around the Web, learn how to make your favorite pie with expert recipes and instructions, plus more about pie history, how to make the perfect pie crust, with related videos and photos in a virtual tour of pie worldwide:


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