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Car ignition key

With more than 135 million car owners in the US alone, chances are you know someone who would be thrilled with auto parts or accessories for their set of wheels.

Car enthusiasts are a breed apart when it comes to pampering their highly prized possessions, but they shouldn't be the only ones on your list when it comes to car gifts.

How about a carefully chosen car gift for a family member making a holiday road trip? Then there is the new college student with a long commute home, or maybe a soccer mom with a gaggle of kids in tow! Chances are, a good number of people on your gift giving list will appreciate a new gadget or gizmo that will make life easire on the road.

Give them something they'll all remember and appreciate every time they 'put the pedal to the metal' with these thoughtful gift ideas:

  • Safety first: emergency car kits always come in handy - just in case - which usually include a fresh supply of jumper cables, flares, flashlight and a first aid kit. And speaking of emergencies, a new AAA membership is a thoughtful gift for drivers of every skill level, and can be easily purchased online.

  • Depending on your budget, also think about a new and very popular GPS navigator. College students, new car drivers, or those planning a long distance road trip, will be forever grateful. However, since GPS systems can run into the several hundreds of dollars, shop around for the best price or have friends or family chip in and present it as a group gift.

  • For "chauffeur moms" or those planning a long trip with the kids, a portable DVD player is the perfect gift to help keep fidgety passengers busy watching their favorite movie en route. Buy a model that can can be mounted to the back of the front seat headrests for easier viewing.

  • Buy a subscription to a popular car magazines like Car and Driver, Road and Track, Motor Trend, or Popular Mechanics.

  • If your car "nut" is the proud owner of an antique or collectible car, snap a photo and transfer the image onto a T-shirt, or have it printed on a portable coffee mug to give as a gift.

  • Still not sure what to get? Most auto supply stores also offer service gift certificates for pesky chores like oil changes and safety inspections. Put your favorite car lover in the fast lane with a gift card from a local auto supply shop so they can also purchase that spiffy ratchet set, a new car buffer, or anything else they like or need.

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