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Buying the perfect gift for your girlfriend for her birthday, Valentine's Day or any other special occasion is as simple as knowing what she likes or needs.

It truly is the thought that counts, although most guys will tell you that chocolate or flowers are probably a no-brainer gift for any occasion.

Make it special by having special bouquet delivered to her office or workplace so that she can show them off to her office mates. Then, follow up that evening with dinner for two at her favorite restaurant.

Another great workplace gift idea is to create a personal "Office Survival Pack" by filling a box or gift basket with her favorite tea or coffee, a small teddy bear, and all her favorite snacks, cookies and candies to bring to work.

Clothing? Jewelry? Strike them off the list unless you are 100% sure that she will really love it, and don't forget to consult with your girlfriend's siblings to ensure that no one else is buying her something similar.

"Clothing? Jewelry? Strike them off the list unless you are 100% sure that she will really love it..."

According to polls, (see What Do Women Really Want?) travel is by far the most appreciated gift for women of any age. Sweep her off her feet with a stay at a bed & breakfast or other romantic spot for Valentine's Day or special birthday weekend getaway treat.

If you and your girlfriend have a long-distance relationship, let her know your desire to keep close by getting her a prepaid phone card or new webcam so the both of you can always stay in touch.

And if you find yourself broke or with little to spend, think Favor Coupons. Just take slips of paper and write or type : This coupon entitles the bearer to ... 'one foot massage', or 'one back rub', etc. (or use your imagination) for a gift that will make her laugh....and a gift she will always remember.

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