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What Women Really Want

Wondering what gift to get for the women in your life? Need some insider advice on what will make a great gift for the fairer sex? Is it a secret that women keep to make life more challenging?

Now it can be told. The results of this survey let the cat out of the bag among a total of 575 women. And...

The results are in...


Twenty-seven percent of women say travel is number one on their list of gifts they'd most like to receive. And, a majority of those (67%) say they would be willing to buy it for themselves. However, a majority of those respondents made it clear that a trip to a spa, sailing on a cruise, or even going on a no-fuss packaged tour are the three most favored options among their top choices for travel.

(Hint: spare them the planning and organizing, guys - and just arrange for a quick weekend getaway. Local spas have gift certificates that include enough pampering for any Mom.)

Most women (64%) define fun as freedom and socializing, but admit that household responsibilities (51%), work (26%), and just being too tired (33%) were the major obstacles to having fun. It is not surprising then, that travel - with its promise of no housework, the thrill of something new, and being with friends and family - comes in number one with most women.

Jewelry came in secondA close second was jewelry. Among those respondents almost half say they would like to find a ring among their gifts, twenty percent prefer earrings, and sixteen percent say a necklace or chain would be the perfect gift.

(Hint: A big hit with moms and grandmothers is a ring or bracelets with children's... or grandchildren's birthstones. Watch out for earrings - make sure you know whether your fair lady has pierced ears, not everyone does!)


Technology and electronic equipment rank third overall with the women in the study. Most of the women in this group want a new laptop (30%) or a digital camera (25%).

However, rather than wanting to boast about their latest high-tech gadget, the study suggests that women rather look at the end result of technology - that is, staying in touch with loved ones - whether through e-mails and instant messages or sharing photographs online. And as evidence of women's comfort level with electronic equipment, a whopping 82 percent of those surveyed say they would buy these items for themselves.


No big surprises here. According to the survey, the gifts that women least want are sports and outdoor equipment, bar and entertaining accessories (e.g., specialty glasses) and equipment for the car (e.g., car stereo, car cleaning kit).

The old favorite - flowers - is still a good standby.

The bottom line? Showing your appreciation with the gift of your time is one gift that will never go out of style, And, if in doubt about what to get your favorite lady - just ask!

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