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Eventually, we all grow up to establish our own families and social circles. But the relationship between siblings is a loving thread that runs throughout our entire lives.

Chances are your sister was your first best friend with whom you secretly plotted (against your parents or an older sibling!) or shared invaluable advice about fashion, makeup and dating. More than likely, little brothers probably got their first dance lesson from a loving and patient sister.

Of course, there were the inevitable battles for parental attention, or arguments about borrowing your stuff, but you were always there for each other when the chips were down.

A sister is truly a one-of-a-kind FRIEND - so at gift-giving times like birthdays, holidays, or graduations you want to get something especially thoughtful.

If you are still close, it's easy to decide on a gift that will truly touch their hearts. But if you've grown apart, or now live miles away, a phone call or email to discuss their birthday plans or other special occasion will likely restart a familiar heart-to-heart talk.

Any conversation about their plans or dreams will usually hint at an appropriate gift. Maybe they've taken up a new sport or hobby, or plan to travel to some exotic location. A book, a gadget or a gift certificate related to their new interest makes for an appropriate gift.

A collection of their favorite body lotions or cosmetics make for a great gift basket idea. Or, fill it up with their favorite foods, and don't forget to include snacks or junk food that you both liked as kids!

At the gift shop...
"sisters" statue
Look for special curios like
coffee mugs, picture frames,
or this sentimental "Sisters"
statue with interlocking hands.


While you're browsing at your favorite gift shop, be sure to ask about gifts especially for sisters. You might be surprised at the number of items they have on hand such as keepsake photo frames, "best sister" coffee mugs or T-shirts, and other gifts ranging from the funny to the heartfelt and sentimental.

For a real trip down memory lane, present a special scrapbook of old family photos you can give as a special keepsake. In addition, search online for affordable services that put individual photos on cups or t-shirts for a very memorable personalized gift.

Do they need some down time? Treat them to a spa day, dinner for two at a fancy restaurant, or - if you live nearby - an offer to cook or baby sit for a much-appreciated night off. As the song goes, "sisters are doing it for themselves", but sometimes they need a little help!

In hard economic times, also don't be afraid to ask about what they need or want (hey, that's what siblings are for!) Sometimes, flowers and a warm hug may be all that's required to show you will always be there for them.

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