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Gift for Sweet 16

It's probably the landmark event in every girl's life, second only her wedding day.

While coming up with teen gift ideas is normally difficult, Sweet 16 is a huge deal for teen girls that signifies their first leap into womanhood. So the birthday gift you give better be special!

In addition to planning an extra special day for girls, a new trend in birthday parties gives equal attention to teen boys coming of age. In the interests of fair play, then, check out a great collection of Sweet 16 gift ideas for both girls AND boys suitable for any budget just up ahead...

Meanwhile, just for girls, jewelry remains a favorite Sweet 16 gift. Make it extra special with a ring, bracelet, or necklace featuring birthstone jewelry to help them always remember this milestone birthday. A special spa day is another great gift to pamper any young woman entering adulthood.

On the flip side, nothing celebrates budding manhood like a gift of a shaving set - with their own razor, shaving cream and after-shave or cologne.

Sweet 16 gifts, co-ed edition:

Knowing their interests, passions and future plans is a good place to start when considering a gift to bring to the Sweet Sixteen party, but if you're still stuck for ideas, consider these expert tips and suggestions for thoughtful gifts that will surely be appreciated by 16-year-olds of either sex:

  • Clothing Gift Card - For any fashion-conscious teen (aren't they all?) let them pick out their favorite teen clothing with a gift card from their favorite store. Depending on your relationship, go with them to spend some quality time, or let 'em loose at the mall accompanied by friends to help them celebrate the day.

  • Concert tickets - Since it's almost guaranteed your special teen has a favorite music genre or band, check local summer concert listings or surf the Web to find out where and when a special music event is playing nearby. Be sure to buy two or more tickets for a special afternoon or night out with friends or family. .

  • Gift basket of goodies - You know what they like, so fill up a tote or gift basket with their favorite snacks and drinks. Tie it up in a bright ribbon and you have a custom made gift they'll really enjoy. Don't forget their favorite junk food!

  • A new laptop or iPad - If they don't have one already, a new laptop makes a great gift for any teen to let them download favorite music, update their Facebook page, or to complete homework projects. If they already have a laptop or iPad, consider peripherals or add-ons they might love including a gift certificate for iTunes, hands-free car earphones, or other cool gadgets they'll go crazy for.

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