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fall foliageThis year, fall arrives on Saturday September 22, 2024.

Although it often arrives on September 21st or 22nd, the Fall Equinox is an astronomical prediction of when the sun will cross the equator. So fall can occur anytime between the 21st and 24th!

That said.. say goodbye to summer and hello to Fall 2024!

As the days grow shorter start planning now for lots of fall fun with our guide for locating fall foliage, apple & pumpkin picking farms, annual US state fairs, and more tips and holiday ideas for celebrating the cool, crisp days of autumn ...

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DID YOU KNOW? Fall fun facts

fall is for lovers
Fall is for lovers.

• Other countries have ancient traditions that coincide with autumn. The Chinese celebrate the Harvest Moon Festival in fall, while Mexicans observe Dia de las Muertos (Day of the Dead) in early November in a tradition that probably predates Halloween.

• Despite the myth of a romantic spring, the sex drive in men and women increase more in the fall than at any other time of year, studies find. More couples start relationships or get engaged in the fall, while break-ups more often occur in the summer.

• Fall follows summer? Not everywhere. In the Caribbean and in other places near the Equator the weather averages the same ol' 85 degrees F and sunny all year long.

• Calorie-rich foods in fall aren't the only reason for weight gain this time of year. Lack of vitamin D, due to reduced sunlight in fall, triggers the body to store up fat for the winter (so go ahead and have that extra slice of pumpkin pie.)

• Fall foliage in the USA is great for business, especially in the New England area which is famous for leaf peeping in places like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The entire region enjoys a $3 billion dollar boost from tourism each year as visitors come in droves to snap pictures of breathtaking fall color.

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