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state fair
Music, amusement rides, and fried foods are all part of the fun at the state fair.

The state fair is a unique American tradition. Some of the oldest state fairs have been around for over 150 years, and have only become more and more popular as the years have passed.

Most state fairs started out as agricultural and livestock gatherings and competitions, meant to promote these industries in the home state. Meanwhile, the more domestic side of farm life was highlighted by pie baking contests or flower growing competitions.

Many fairs would travel around the state in these early days, being hosted by a new city every year. Back then it was difficult for farmers to move their livestock over long distances, and so the fair eventually came to settle into a traditional location where the whole state would come together at the annual early fall or end-of-summer celebration.

Have fun at the fair!

Today, agriculture and livestock are both still a big part of most state fairs, but the attractions have evolved to include things like regional foods, live music concerts, and a Midway filled with amusement park rides.

Arizona State Fair Kentucky State Fair Oklahoma State Fair
California State Fair Minnesota State Fair Texas State Fair
Big E - Eastern States Fair New Mexico State Fair Vermont State Fair
Greater Gulf State Fair New York State Fair Virginia State Fair
Iowa State Fair Ohio State Fair Washington State Fair

State fair pig
Pig out at the fair...

More classic state fair attractions have come to include hand-crafted butter sculptures (often life-sized recreations of cows, sheep - or even Mount Rushmore) along with more edible cholesterol-raising concoctions including BBQ, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and even deep fried Coca Cola. Tests of strength and other unique competitions have also come to characterize much of what a state fair is all about.

Of course not all state fairs are created equal. Some are old and are steeped in tradition, like the New York State Fair, while others are more recent additions to the ranks. Today, some of the most popular US state fairs include Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Texas, all of which regularly attract more than a million people annually. Of these, the Texas State Fair is by far the most popular, attracting some three million fair goers every year.

State fairs are a wonderful attraction that the whole family can enjoy, and there is such a wide variety of entertainment and cultural events available that everyone will find something to thrill them at the fair. Have fun!

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