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What are the holidays without the fun and games?

With large gatherings of family members, friends, or office mates around Christmas time, it's always good to have a game or two on hand to keep the little ones busy, and the adults having fun getting to know each other.

Whether it's a lively round of Christmas musical chairs, a "Name that Christmas tune" challenge, a holiday scavenger hunt, or giggle-inducing set of Christmas movie trivia, the games you play at Christmas are a major part of the fun, and what helps make the holidays all the more memorable.

Keep adding a Christmas twist to traditional party games with a holiday version of Pictionary as guests hurriedly sketch Christmas carols to beat the clock. Or, for younger kids, how about a game of Pin the Nose on Rudolph?

couples enjoying Christmas games at a party
Classic Christmas Group Games

Here are more ideas for Christmas group games that will make any Christmas party more memorable: Remember to have the camera ready!

Holiday Charades

Enjoy this party game classic that’s great for the holidays ...

The general rules of charades apply as clues are pantomimed to evoke a person, place or idea. Use titles or lyrics of Christmas songs, Christmas movies, holiday foods, or Christmas traditions like “Gingerbread man” "Chestnuts roasting on a open fire", “It’s a Wonderful Life”, " “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", etc.,etc.

Dress Up Santa

Provide guests with materials like red and black tissue paper, cotton wads, and adhesive tape. Divide contestants into teams and give them 5 MINUTES to dress one team member as Santa. Award a prize for the best costume!

Who Sang It?

Prepare another Christmas variation on “Name That Tune” by typing up Christmas song titles on one side of a sheet of paper, and on the other the name of the singer who made it popular (for example, "All I Want for Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey). The contestants who can correctly match up the song with the singer get a prize!

Christmas Memory Game

Use a festive tray to place various holiday items (like a Christmas ball, candle, bell, cookie, gift tag, etc. …the more the merrier) and allow a designated amount of time for guests to study all the items. When the tray is taken away, challenge everyone to write down what they remember. The person or team who remembers the most wins!

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Have fun.

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