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Easter bunnies, colored eggs, and other symbols of spring are worked into crafts and cards to make and share for celebrating the Easter holiday.

Crafts projects also make for fun Easter party activities when a crafts table is set up to include glue, construction paper, crayons, and other supplies perfect for creating your own Easter party decorations or Easter basket craft.

bunny mask easter craft
This easy Easter bunny mask begins with craft glue, paper plates, and
construction paper(see full instructions for making your own just up ahead.)

Bunny Rabbit Mask craft

What you'll need:

• Two plain, white paper plates
• Pink construction paper or pink paint
• Scissors
• Staple
• Glue
• Crayons, markers, or paint
• 1 small pink pompom (optional)
• 12" elastic (optional)


Color in the center of a paper plate with pink paint, or cut out a circle from pink
construction paper and glue it to the center.

Cut the paper plate in half to make the rabbit's ears. To make the rabbit's face use a
second plate and cut a wedge on the bottom.

Cut out two holes for the eyes, as shown. Staple the ears to the face, and add a pink
pompom OR use a pink crayon to color in the nose. Remember to add the whiskers!

To secure the mask to your child's face, staple a length of elastic on each side.

Fun & easy Easter chick craft

If you have toddlers who want to join in on the fun, choose simple projects that they can help create, such as this easy Easter chick made from a recycled egg carton, some paint and construction paper:

What you'll need:

• 1 egg carton
• bright yellow paint and small brush
• black marker
• yellow & red construction paper, or card stock
• craft glue


Cut out two sections of the egg carton and paint inside and out. Add to small dots with black marker for the eyes.

Glue the egg carton sections together to form the chick's torso. For the wings, cut out small triangles from the yellow construction paper and glue to the sides.

For the beak, cut out two triangles from the red construction paper and glue to the seam in front (just below the eyes.) Cut out two more red triangles and use V-cuts to form the feet and attach at the bottom.

Homemade Easter Piñata

What you'll need:

• Large, sturdy paper shopping bag
• Paint, construction paper, or markers for decorating
• Wrapped candy
• Newspaper
• Adhesive tape or stapler
• A big stick

easter pinata craftInstructions:

Decorate the shopping bag with a big, colorful Easter egg. Crinkle the newspaper and lightly fill the shopping bag.

Next, add the wrapped candy or other treats and seal the shopping bag closed with tape or staples. Hang your piñata high enough that it is just out of reach.

Line up your guests and blindfold them one at a time, giving them the stick to aim at the piñata. As each participant takes a whack, STAND CLEAR of the stick!


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