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dyed easter eggs

Centuries before it became an Easter tradition, the egg was already the subject of folklore amp; superstitions in many cultures, and viewed as a symbol of renewed life and rebirth among ancient Romans, Chinese and Egyptians.

In medieval times, coloring eggs was brought to a high art when English kings dispersed hundreds of decorated, gold-leaf eggs throughout the royal household at Easter.

Another royal, Russian Czar Alexander, was later responsible in 1883 for commissioning the famous Faberge eggs - from goldsmith Peter Carl Faberge - as an Easter gift for his wife, the Empress Marie.

Dyed Easter eggToday, coloring eggs at Easter remains one of the best Easter craft projects and a fun family tradition -- one tthat sometimes also figures in a competition to see who can create the most beautiful Easter egg ever. Once the decorating is done, Easter eggs also play a part in another fun holiday tradition - the Easter egg hunt!

Easy Easter egg dyeing tips

There's no need to buy store-bought egg coloring kits. Simply get creative by raiding the pantry for food coloring and white vinegar -- and start creating your own homemade batch of colorful Easter decorations that you and the kids can show off to friends and loved ones!

diy easter eggsEaster egg coloring is fun... but messy. So make sure you begin by covering your work surface with plenty of newspapers or paper towels to keep colors from table tops and furniture. Next, gather the tools and materials you'll need to begin making your homemade Easter treasures:

• hard boiled eggs
• egg carton (save the egg carton to store eggs as they dry)
• heat proof bowls (deep enough to submerge an egg)
• white vinegar
• food coloring
• a large spoon or tongs
• stickers, tape, or contact paper for creating designs (optional)

1. In a bowl mix 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and 15-20 drops of food coloring to a cup of boiling water.
2. Use tongs or a large spoon to submerge an egg into the mixture and let sit for 5 minutes, or allow more time for deeper hues.
3. To make designs, use kids' stickers or masking tape and apply firmly to the egg before submersion in a dye. Once dry, remove the stickers or masking tape

Around the Web, find out more techniques and creative tricks for how to create your own perfect Easter eggs with complete instructions for tie-dyeing, sponge painting, natural dyes, waxing, and lots more for fun, do-it-yourself egg decorating...

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