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Kids at WorkIn the US, mark your calendars for Thursday, April 25, 2024 to kick off this year's drive to help teach kids about the work-a-day world of their parents — and to get them dreaming about their own grown-up careers.

First begun in 1993 by the Foundation for Women as "Take Our Daughters to Work Day" the annual program has since also included sons, and today is traditionally held on the fourth Thursday in April.

Almost 40 million employees participate in Take Your Child to Work Day festivities in US companies coast to coast.

2024 Take Your Child to Work Day

As it has been inthe recent past, this year it's ... Bring Your Child to Work Day from home OR the office!

While a number of American workers have opted to stay at home, telecommute or Zoom with their colleagues, the spirit of Take Your Child to Work Day remains the same -- introducing your child to a real work day.

And who knows? This may be the start of a new tradition for generatioins to come as we begin working from home -- at least part of the week -- year round.

Take Your Child to Work Day ideas

take your kids to work day activityDepending on your childrens' ages, Take Your Child To Work Day can be a fun and engaging time spent with both kids and coworkers of all ages.

Young toddlers, for example, can be provided with paper and crayons to keep them busy in between virtual visits with bosses and coworkers. Arranging pens and pencils, or general "housekeeping" around your work space may even earn them a Big Helper award!

Older kids might appreciate games and activities like company-themed scavenger hunts or competitive educational or trivia games that hone kids' skills for the business world.

For teens, Take Your Child To Work Day can center around a virtual tour of the company's computer or communications programs (most companies will have skeleton crews on hand), videoconferencing center, or other "cool" hi-tech operations.

If your company is big on recycling, there are also plenty of kid-friendly green activities your company can host to introduce kids to solar energy or even start them down the road to planning for jobs in conservation.

And... that's only the half of it!

Just up ahead, discover more top resources around the Web featuring great tips and activities on how to make Take Your Child To Work Day both fun and educational.

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