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thanksgiving crafts
Thanksgiving craft activities

The turkey is still cooking and the conversation has gotten a little dull. What to do? Gather the kids (and grownups!) together for a fun round of Thanksgiving Day games.

Check out fun stuff to do to keep everyone entertained -- before or after the big bird is served -- for a fun and memorable Thanksgiving Day.

That includes our own set of coloring pages, word games and inteactive fun for home or classroom activities just up ahead.

Have fun!

Turkey maze game
Turkey maze

Thanksgiving Concentration Game

Thanksgiving Concentration!
Thanksgiving word scramble
Holiday Word Scramble
Thanksgiving turkey coloring page
Cornucopia coloring page
Pilgrim hat coloring page

Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt

Like any traditional treasure hunt, participants hunt for items that you've hidden around the house or the backyard. If you really want to get creative, draw a treasure map or create clues and award points for each item on the list, such as:

• mini-pumpkins
• small gourds
• a plush turkey toy
• a bag of cranberries
• apples
• candy corn
• Indian corn
• acorns
• chestnuts
• walnuts
• autumn leaves
• a toy football
• turkey baster
• oven mitt
• Thanksgiving decoration

Touch Football
What's more traditional than a game of touch football on Thanksgiving Day? Gather friends and family in the front yard or a local park for a spirited round of tossing the pigskin before the turkey is served - even if you're not familiar with the official rules.

Wall Football

Remember pin the tail on the donkey? This variation is a great, giggle-inducing addition to Thanksgiving football in which even toddlers can take part. First, create a goal post made from white poster board and attach it to the wall. Next, cut football shapes from brown craft paper and add players names to them. Use poster tack or double-side tape on the back. Remember to spin players around three times before pointing them to the goal post, then sit back and watch who scores a touchdown!

Pass the Pumpkin

Instead of musical chairs, a group of guests must pass a pumpkin to each other as the music plays. When the music stops, the one who gets caught holding the pumpkin is eliminated. The last player holding the pumpkin wins a prize!

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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages - Hit the jackpot with pages of printable coloring pages including turkeys; Pilgrims, Indians, cornucopias.

Thanksgiving Games - Online fun including turkey jigsaw puzzle, over the river, turkey slide puzzle and Thanksgiving word search.

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