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Going out for Thanksgiving :
Neighborhood Restaurants Celebrate The Holidays

Thanksgiving turkeyIt's the new trend in celebrating the holidays with the family.

The reason is simple, and very tempting.

It's the way to have a nice Thanksgiving feast - with all the trimmings - and without having to shop, cook, or clean up afterwards.

If this sounds like the ideal way to celebrate with your family or friends, you're not alone.

Indeed, according to recent trends one out of ten American families coast to coast will sit down at a local restaurant to enjoy a fully prepared Thanksgiving meal this year.

Roast duck, anyone?

Not surprisingly, neighborhood joints in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston have been doing brisk business for years. Especially with two heads of American households working long hours these days, the idea of a fully prepared holiday meal is something to be really thankful for.

And it ain't just turkey.

Thanksgiving restaurant buffet
Eating out on Thanksgiving Day,
and dinner is served...

Today, even such far-flung places as Freeport, Illinois are serving non-traditional Thanksgiving fare to help lure in holiday diners. At one local eatery, Cimino's, "Thanksgiving is one of our busiest times of the year," manager Susan Silveira says. In addition, she always makes sure that roast duck and other non-traditional fare are featured on her Thanksgiving menu.

Large urban areas are still more likely to see an uptick in business on Thanksgiving Day, where restaurants and local diners will feature an early Thanksgiving brunch menu. This lets families celebrate with enough time to head home for afternoon Thanksgiving football games.

For anyone with special dietary needs (or for those who just want to strike a blow for nonconformity) diners can often order from the usual menu for house specialties such as fish, salads, and even pasta dishes.

Ordering in for Thanksgiving

While weighing the pros and cons of eating out on Thanksgiving, traditionalists will always pipe up "...but what about the leftovers?" Sure, those turkey sandwiches might be the best part of a long holiday weekend. There is a solution to the dilemma, however.... ordering in.

Recently, the National Restaurant Association reported that more than 50 percent of Americans will call up to order at least one prepared dish to round out their home Thanksgiving menu this year.

So if you're tired of preparing the same old Thanksgiving meal, take a look at a growing number of restaurants in your area serving up a semi-catered or an entire sit-down dinner this holiday weekend.

Even for large family get-togethers, if everyone chips in on the costs you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including peace of mind. The result? A very restful, and care-free Thanksgiving.


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