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Siousie and the Banshees
Siouxsie and the Banshees
became an early influence
on the 80's Goth scene.

Borrowing some of the elements of the angry punk era which it succeeded in the early 80's, goth was a more passive rejection of the mainstream — typified by a "look" that combined dark clothing, black eyeliner, and white makeup to match the stark and ethereal quality of its music.

The term in its modern form was believed to have arisen from several music reviewers and critics who at the time described the dark punk subculture as "gothic", later shortened to goth to describe its adherents.

Early UK influences include such bands as Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy and The Mission, although Bauhaus is generally considered to be one of the first truly goth bands when they first came upon the scene in 1981.

Goth soon became an international phenomenon and moved to the U.S., Australia and throughout Europe, with Germany claiming the unofficial title of world capital of goth (or in German, grufties - "tomb creatures".)

Bats Day at Fun Park
A gathering of goths on
Bats Day at Disneyland

Today, goth remains a thriving subculture in major cities around the world with a variety of musical styles, spiritual beliefs and a deep interest in dark literature, art, poetry and, of course, fashion.

Recognized goth "types" include geeks, romantic goths, mopey goths and perky goths, as well as body mods with a marked preference for tattoos and piercings.

"Baby bats" are those new to the goth scene (teenagers). Corporate goths are among the mainly older and more affluent who resist giving up the dark lifestyle.

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