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The distinctive shape of a
Franken wine bottle or


Franken or Franconia is further east than the other major wine growing regions in Germany.

The Main River and its tributaries provide vines with good irrigation, but unlike the Rhine, the Main does not provide a balanced climate. There are often quick changes in the weather which makes the life of the grapes in the vineyards more difficult than in other regions. Yet it also often results in a heartier wine.

Wines from the Franken region are traditionally full-bodied, very dry white wines. The Stein winery, near Würzburg, gave rise to the generic term "Steinwein" by which these wines have always been known.

The distinctive round shaped, flat green bottle, called a "bocksbeutel" is also an instant visual clue to their origins.

Müller-Thurgau, and Silvaner grapes are the principal varieties grown to produce these hearty, earthy dry wines often compared to white wines from France's Burgundy region.

Lush acres of vineyards in the Franken wine region include Nordheim am Main and Sommerach.

Bacchus and Ortega grapes are are also grown in the region, resulting in late harvest wines which are sweeter than the traditional Franken wines.

Overall, Franken wines are usually consumed locally and not exported in great quantities, so if you're planning a trip through Franken .... drink up!

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