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guadalupe valley vineyards
The Guadalupe Valley, Baja.

Baja California's three wine-producing areas are all located within 120 miles of the west coast.

San Antonio de las Minas (which includes the Valleys of Guadalupe and Calafia), San Vincente Valley, and Santo Tomás Valley on the Baja Peninsula grow nearly ninety percent of all Mexican wine grapes.

Ensenada, 50 miles southeast of San Diego, is a center of Mexican wine growing with a convenient day trip to the beach and nearby winery visits complete with tours and tasting.

A must-see visit during the summer is the Fiestas de la Vendimia, the vintage festival in August, which is fun for both locals and tourists alike.

Indeed, an increasing number of wine connoisseurs from California wine country make regular trips to the region -- dubbed "the Napa of the south" -- which has been recently giving its Northern neighbor a run for the money in terms of wine quality and consistency.

Santo Tomas winery in Ensenada often makes the list of Top Ten wineries in Baja.

The varieties of red wine produced in the Baja California region are Cabernet Sauvignon, Ruby Cabernet, Zinfandel Grenache and Mission. The white wines are Chenin Blanc, Palomino, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Saint Emilion and Malaga.

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Ensenada Wineries, Festivals and Wine Tasting
- Looking for wineries in the Ensenada area? That includes San Vicente, Santo Tomás and Guadalupe, probably the best known of Mexico's wine areas. Check out the map with contact information and location details. The Fiestas de la Vendimia lasts for 10 days in early August and gives you a chance to sample the young vintages.

Baja Wineries - Ignore the stuff on the top of the page and scroll down to the meat. The list of Baja wineries is extensive and, while there are no links to the sites, there are some contact email addresses and telephone numbers.

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