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NOTE: Due to the heavy volume of requests for embedded editorial paid link advertising,
please note that our policy forbids any kind of ad link that is not presented as such
or that misleads our visitors in any way.

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For over two decades, has been covering the most relevant facts, information, and human-reviewed resources on topics that interest thousands of visitors a day.

Do you have a product that dovetails perfectly with topics they're looking for? Then an ad on is just what you're looking for. You can reach a highly-targeted audience for a very affordable $50 per year.

We block the ad blockers ads use HTML-based text based links designed to block the ad blockers. When your ad is placed on any one of our pages it comes with a guarantee that your visitors will actually see it.

What the world is looking for

Quick, easy & affordable online advertising
For maximum exposure, text ads appear
in the right-hand column, above the fold.

Along with regular features, product reviews, information and resources for our visitors, we also provide user-friendly, HTML based, text ads that are relevant to products and services that our visitors want to buy (see our FAQ for more information).

Our readers trust that the ads we feature will provide links to the resources that they are actively seeking.

Content-relevant text ads, in the right hand column above the fold, have always performed well for our advertisers.

Fast and easy advertising

Check the rates for ads, and reach your target audience — quickly and easily— without keyword bidding, or constant re-budgeting to cover ad costs.

Ads are limited on each page and are placed on a first-come, first-served basis. If the ad space on the pages you request is already sold, we will suggest alternate placement possibilities.


Placement Ad Type ANNUAL
right column ad
12-month run with title, link +
three line (80-character) description
US $297.00

Using a simple online form placing your text ad with us is easy as 1...2...3:

1. Submit your site name, then add the corresponding web address of the page you would like your customers to visit.

2. Write your ad copy.

3. Choose the relevant page in the directory where you would like your ad to appear.

That's it!

Due to the limited availability of inventory, ad placement on the most competitive pages cannot be guaranteed. When we receive and review your order, we will contact you about payment and placement details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I pay for an in-text ad?
A. The simple answer is... no. We do NOT offer embedded links within our story articles or related web resources.

Especially within our list of related resources, we choose sites that offer the best informational resources to make finding information online fast and easy. All of the sites we recommend are selected and reviewed by our staff.

Q. Can I place my ad on the home page?
A. Thanks for your interest, but we do not offer ad placements on our home page. At, we believe that your ad performs better on a page that has relevant content. That's the best solution for you to get high click-through and healthy conversion rates from the traffic your ad generates.

Q. How much does a run-of-site ad cost?
A. Again, we have found that ads produce much better results for advertisers when they appear on relevant pages. Carrying ads on pages that are unrelated to your product or service diminishes the value of the ad for you, and for our visitors. As such, we do not provide site-wide advertising.

Q. Why don't you sell banner ads, pop-up ads or rich media ads?
A. First, because text based ads are user-friendly, and that is the foundation of our site. Secondly, because text based ads matched to relevant content do much better than any other ad formats.

Q. Do you provide statistics for tracking ad performance?
A. We do not provide statistics for our ad program. To do so would require programming and staff that would raise your advertising costs. We suggest that you set up the link in your ad so that it can be identified by your site's statistical analysis program.

You can track your ads simply by adding special coding to your URL. Your coded link will still open your web page. Your code should look something like this:

The text after the question mark should identify a specific ad. You can code it however you'd like as long as you do not leave spaces and only use alpha-numeric characters or underscore. To view your results, you'll need to look at your site's stats log files.

Q. Do you have any advice for improving ads?
A. The ads that perform the best include relevant keyword phrases in the text ad copy and lead to a user-friendly and highly relevant landing page. An ad can only bring interested traffic to your site. Closing a sale, or attracting new customers depends on what a visitor finds when they come to your online shop.

For additional help, please review industry standards for
advertising and marketing on the Internet before submitting ads.

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