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Go on a Caribbean Vacation

barbados sunsetA typical vacation to the Caribbean islands conveys a stereotyped idea of an exotic land remembered by images of blue sunny skies, Havana cigars, carnivals, voodoo magic and palm trees!

But there is more to this group of islands than just a conventional picture of booze and fun! If your're going for spring break, on holiday with the kids, or on a romantic Caribbean honeymoon you'll find the perfect destination on one of the islands of the Caribbean.


Each Island Defines Its Own Caribbean Experience

One of the most striking and amazing things about the Caribbean region is its scenic and cultural diversity. Every island is unique and every region is special with contrasting landscapes, ecosystems, ethnicities and local foods.

Every Caribbean island has something of its own to offer to travelers! If you’re looking for that special, erotic swinging nightlife, golfing, diving, sailing or gambling youll be able to find them on some islands while on others you'll find miles of soliary beaches and peaceful tranquility.

Variety is the Spice of the Caribbean

Grenada can be quiet and somber, lively San Juan can be boisterous and active. The tiny islets of Barbuda and Barbados are full of sports while the sugar fields of Cuba can be a nostalgic colonial experience.

The Caribbean vacation also offers a wide variety of physical landscapes. If you want to relax on some of the prettiest beaches in the world, Aruba is an automatic choice, but if you want to explore and trek the rain forests, Puerto Rico is the natural selection.


Can You Pick Just One?

In total, the Caribbean islands are about 90,000 square miles of landmass of small islets, half hilly or mountainous and the other half flat land. Most of them are a great scenic combination of the water and earth, circled by sandy beaches, blue lagoons and pristine coves.

With more than twenty island nations to choose and visit, you'll need to be very wise and prudent in picking just one for your vacation. What ever the choice, this is a magnificent region. The Caribbean has a slow paced lifestyle combined with hundreds of activities and recreation options to choose from... and a year round tropical ambience.

The more you learn about these finer details, the more infatuated you'll be with these romantic islands! Caribbean vacations have thousands things to offer and provide million of things to learn!


Nature's Art on Display

A Caribbean vacation displays a benevolent Mother Nature who is extraordinarily diverse and a great artist. You'll find perfect picture post cards scenery all over the region, almost on the verge of the work of a Renaissance master!

  • Get stunned by volcanic mountains and stretches of tropical forests, clear streams and wild ocean, mangrove swamps and sand dunes, huge rock formations and colorful coral reefs.

  • Get excited by limestone hillocks and caves, rivers both over ground and subterranean, waterfalls, rainforests, lakes and teeming wild life — and, always, there is the ubiquitous sea.

Intriguing people, rich and diverse culture, exotic and delicious cuisine, and intoxicating reggae music — there's plenty to see and experience on the islands.


Sample The Differences

The whole region has its own menu to offer! There are high mountains to climb and lush rain forests to explore. There are sandy deserts too — sprinkled with scrub-trees, cacti, and boulders. Gently undulating hills covered with brilliantly colored grass and sugarcane fields surrounding those majestic 19th-century plantation mansions.

A Caribbean vacation can be a visit to an unspoiled paradise full of vibrancy and life! Enchanting spots, lovely beaches, risky trekking trails, exotic food and gyrating reggae are all part of a heaven begging to be visited and explored!

Lovely faces and cute island braids are always high points of attraction. Home cottages, cold beer and delicious sea food are words of hospitality. Ocean sunsets and days of warmth followed by nights of music leave you wanting to return. The islands of Caribbean always remain the jewels in the crown of world tourism.

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Stein Ove Stien

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