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As baby boomers enjoy life well into their retirement years, Sweet 60 doesn't have to mean over the hill.

One boomer who recently came of age laughs, "OK, let's just say...chronologically enhanced!"

For baby boomers, 60 is the BIG milestone. And better reason to celebrate? With the big 6-0 comes years of memories and a well-earned perspective on life's challenges.


Purchase invitations, or cut party costs by creating your own using a home computer and printer. Along with the where, when, and RSVP details, use appropriate greetings for the front cover of the invitation indicating the specific party theme and a headline reading "Sexy Sixty", "Aged to Perfection", "The Big 6 - Oh!", Sweet 60", "or "Sixty is Nifty!"

60th birthday party theme ideas

60th birthday party themes can range from a special travel interest to a twinkling "The Sixties Sparkle"
theme, or a nostalgic look back at the life of the guest of honor with a timeline of milestone photos.

The "Over the Hill" theme has always been easy and popular, but you can also opt for a theme centered around the celebrant's favorite leisure activity. A sports theme party or a luau is always fun, or take a trip down memory lane with a tribute to the 60's decade in which the birthday boy or girl grew up.

A surprise party may take a little extra work, but with a bit of planning it can provide special excitement and lots of happy memories.

For a nighttime party, "The Sixties Sparkle" is the perfect choice with glittery decorations on the walls. and lots of bright, twinkling lights around doors and windows of your party space. Instead of 60 candles, add a single sparkler to the cake for a memorable birthday special effect.

"Through the Years" is another great theme for the milestone 60th birthday with photos of the guest of honor prominently displayed from childhood through their teens and young adulthood, and into their 40's and 50's. If your handy with Powerpoint or a video software program, photos can be turned into a laptop slideshow that can shown throughout the festivities.

With a little pre-planning, you can also ask friends and loved ones to e-mail special birthday wishes well in advance to be included with the photos, or print-out the e-mails and pin them up separately on a decorated bulletin board.

60th birthday party music playlist

What's a party without the music?

Here's a great playlist for a milestone birthday. Also think of the guest of honor and you're sure to come up with more songs that have special meaning to them.

"I'm Still Standing" - Elton John
"Simply The Best" - Tina Turner
"Can I Have This Dance" - Anne Murray
"In My Life" - The Beatles
"When I'm Sixty-Four"
- The Beatles
"Long May You Run" - Neil Young
"What a Wonderful World" - Louis Armstrong

60th birthday gift ideas

Gift-giving at a 60th birthday party is simplicity itself when you do the math - whether it's 5 dozen roses, 10 six-packs of craft beer or their favorite beverage, or 60 scratch-off lottery tickets!

Other thoughtful gifts might include a newspaper from the day they were born, or create something more personal by placing a family photo in a fancy frame, or arranging a memory book or scrapbook filled with favorite photos and keepsakes.

Party food

If it's a 60's era party from when the honoree was born, include foods popular during the period, along with "groovy" retro candy brands like Chuckles, Chunky bars, and Starburst candies.

Also try to include foods that everyone will enjoy, including low salt or sugar-free drinks for those on dietary restrictions. As with any party, self-serve is way to go, making for easy mingling around the buffet table.

If in doubt, skip the "lame" prune juice and Jello gag. The food should be centered around the guest of honor's favorites!

You can work in another great idea for a Sweet 60 theme: substitute the birthday cake with 60 individual cupcakes, served on a tiered party tray.

Turning 60 around the Web

On the Web, surf around for more ideas on planning a memorable 60th birthday party with additional tips & advice on decorations, invitations, games & activities, and other reasons why sixty can be nifty ....

Make a wish! Plan a milestone birthday party - Archived feature from NBC's Today Show with related video on how to make any milestone birthday special with tips on invitations (including a free printable) plus decorating, food and entertainment ideas.

60th Birthday Party Ideas - Visitor-suggested ideas & activities at


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