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maracasHappy Cinco de Mayo 2024!

May 5th falls on a Sunday this year, so watch for this 2024 Cinco de Mayo festivities to be a weekend celebration of Mexican food, drink, and music!

Planning your own Cinco de Mayo party? Check out great ideas for a fun fiesta celebrating all things Mexico - including invitation ideas, recipes and party games ....

DID YOU KNOW? Cinco de Mayo fun facts

battle of cinco de mayo
A scene from the 2013 movie epic
"Cinco de Mayo: The Battle

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo does not commemoratte Mexican Independence. That happens every year on September 16.

The real reason to remember Cinco de Mayo was a battle that happened on May 5, 1862.

That's when the Mexican army -- against all odds -- managed to defeat an invading hoard of Europeans during the French-Mexican War.

Needless to say, it was a great victory for Mexico, which showed the world that it could stand on its own as a sovereign nation since gaining independence in 1821.

Today, across the US, Cinco de Mayo is almost synonymous with celebrating Mexican culture, and a great excuse for a springtime fiesta.

In other words... ¡vamanos! -- Let's go party!

Fiesta! - Mexican Theme Party Tips

Having a Cinco de Mayo party is as easy as uno, dos, tres, quatro, CINCO ....

Invitation ideas - Do it yourself, by using Cinco de Mayo clip art and inviting everyone to the party with catchy headlines like: "No time for a Siesta, it's time to Fiesta!", or "It's Party Time, Amigos!"

Inside the invitation, be sure to put the date, location, time, phone, RSVP date, dress code or costume suggestions.

Cinco de Mayo party decoration ideas - To kick off your own Mexican theme party decorate with the colors of the flag of Mexico - green white and red - then put on some Mexican salsa, mariachi or folk music, and have a blast.

Quick & easy recipe
fiesta cake
How to make a Margarita

Easy Cinco de Mayo Food & drink - Corn chips with salsa & queso, tacos, chili, fajitas, mojitos, Margaritas, Daiquiris, cerveza, (Mexican beer) Mexican wines, Tia Maria, and, of course, lots of tequila.

Cinco de Mayo party games - Keep party guests on their toes with a Cinco de Mayo scavenger hunt (include a small bag of tortilla chips, cactus plant, lime, mini Mexican flag, bottle of hot sauce, etc., that guests have to search for).

Or, you can adapt the jelly bean jar game by substituting jelly beans with colorful chili peppers. Then ask party-goers to guess how many chili peppers are in the jar. The one who comes the closest wins a prize!

And, what would a Mexican fiesta be without a piñata? Just up ahead, find out how to easily make your own do-it-yourself piñata along with additional party game ideas to keep it hoppin' ....

How to make a homemade piñata

homemade pinataYou’ll need:
• Large, sturdy paper shopping bag
• Paint, construction paper, or markers for decorating
• Wrapped candy
• Newspaper
• Adhesive tape or stapler
• A big stick

1. Decorate the shopping bag as you please using paint, color markers or construction paper. Crinkle the newspaper and lightly fill the shopping bag.

2. Next, add wrapped candy or other treats and seal the shopping bag closed with tape or staples. Hang your piñata high enough that it is just out of reach.

3. Line up your guests and blindfold them one at a time, giving them the stick to aim at the piñata. As each participant takes a whack, warn other players to STAND CLEAR OF THE STICK!!

Have fun!

More Cinco de Mayo party games & activities ...

sombrero party gamePass the Sombrero

A bit like ‘musical chairs’ but instead party guests have to try on a sombrero. Play Mexican mariachi music as the game begins. When the music stops, the guest wearing the sombrero is out of the game. For extra laughs, give eliminated players the option to perform a Mexican hat dance to get back into the game!

nacho eating competitionNachos-Eating Competition

Have several bowls of nachos and party dip ready for guests to pair up into teams. One team-member must stand behind the other, acting as their ‘arms’, and must feed the nachos to their partner. The first team to empty their bowl is the winner. Provide bibs and floor covering and be prepared for a big MESS -- and lots of memorable photos!

Party Favor ideas
- Say "adios, amigos!" with goody bags filled with mini cactus plants, toy maracas, small clay pots with candy "Red Hots", bouquets of red, green & white carnations or other plants that combine the colors of the Mexican flag.


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Spice it up at some of the best sites offering up everything you need for a great Cinco de Mayo fiesta celebration - including do it yourself party ideas, recipes, e-cards, decorations, classroom activities. clip art, pictures, facts, and a bit of history about the 5th of May in Mexico:

Cinco de Mayo Recipes, Margaritas, Fiesta Tips
- Check out top celebration party ideas from the Food Network with Cinco de Mayo facts, star chef recipes from Rachel Ray & Bobby Flay, plus hot, hot, hot festive meals & how to's plus cool Mexican cocktail recipes.

Cinco de Mayo Ecards, Greeting Cards - Here's a good assortment of animated, interactive greetings & ecards to celebrate the day...


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