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Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2024

happy national cookie dayChip, chip, hooray!

It's National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 4, 2024 when the next National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day rolls around -- with free cookie give-aways and special deals, chocolate chip cookie exchanges, and even social media celebrations online.

Just up ahead, also check out a bit of chocolate chip cookie history, fun facts, and related resources around the web to help celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2024:

2024 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day freebies, deals & discounts

It's the day to satisfy your extra chocolate chip cookie cravings, with freebies and special deals offered by national chains, local bakeries, supermarkets and online shops on Natioinal Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Last year, for example, Crumbl offered a free cookie at participating stores. Perks program members also get double Loyalty Crumbs on every online and in-store purchase at any location nationwide on August 4.

Insomnia Cookies also offerd a free cookie with any in-store purchase or delivery order of at least $5, while Mrs. Fields offered 20% off select cookie packages on its website.

If you're on the road, remember that Sonesta Hotels offered a free chocolate chip cookies from select Sonesta locations on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Meanwhile, keep it here for updates as the US celebrates National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day 2024.

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How to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Easy! Take advantage of all the deals from nationwide cookie purveyors (see above) or ... make your own! Make them from scratch with this easy chocolate chip cookie recipe

Invite friends over for a cookie exchange, or alert coworkers to bring their favorite version. Set up a display table, and tally the votes for the winner of the best chocolate chip cookie!

Celebrate with different versions made with white chocolate or dark chocolate, or use your imagination and enjoy a variation on the classic recipe.

Online, post comments and photos on your social media page with #NationalChocolateChipCookieDay and if your cookies are homemade be sure to include the recipe.

Morsels of chocolate chip cookie history

The original recipe? That was invented in 1936 by Ruth Wakefield who famously ran the Toll House Inn restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts.

Although there are tall tales about the invention being a happy accident, the credit belongs solely to expert baker Mrs. Wakefiled who was simply, well, a smart cookie.

famous amos chocolate chip cookiesWith her reputation for being a perfectionist and saavy innkeeper, even Ruth Wakefield couldn't foresee how her popular dessert menu addition "Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies" would quickly gain fame.

It only took a few years for Nestle to become interested in buying the rights to the recipe and the name Toll House that helped to spread the cookie's fame nationwide.

By 1964, Nabisco emtered the fray by introducing Chips Ahoy! that quickly became the best-selling chocolate chip cookie in America, followed by Wally "Famous Amos" who later introduced his version of the chocolate chip cookie in 1975. After Hollywood celebrities endorsed his fresh, homemade taste in newspaper interviews, Famous Amos soon became a national obsession

By 1991, fans of Ben & Jerry's also went wild when the famous duo introduced Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, Today, phenomenonal sales continue with 1.6 million pints of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream scooped up from store shelves every year.

National Cookie Day fun facts

• The chocolate chip cookie is America’s most popular cookie with 53% of Americans naming it their favorite, followed by peanut butter cookies (16%) and oatmeal cookies (15%).

• They’re the official state cookie of Massachusetts.

The world’s biggest chocolate chip cookie weighed over 40,000 pounds, measured 8,120 square feet, and had a diameter of 101 feet. It was made by the ImmaculateBaking Company in Flat Rock, North Carolina, which built a special oven to bake the world champion record holder.

• The original "Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies" at the Toll House Inn were about the size of a quarter and intended to be served with ice cream (yum).

• And, finally, a baking tip : Chocolate chips don’t melt because they contain less cocoa butter than chocolate candy. So don't be tempted to crush up a chocolate bar as a substitute unless you like your chocolate chip cookies extra gooey.

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More about National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day around the Web:

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day - Cookie history and fun facts plus great ideas for celebrating the day, and recipes to try.


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