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Happy National Junk Food Day!

Hostess Twinkies
"Yes, please"

National Junk Food Day is not an officially recognized holiday by any means. Think of it as kind of like Christmas in July!

But it's always a great excuse for Americans everywhere to skip their diets -- and indulge in all foods that are sweet, deep fried, or calorie-laden!

In 2024, National Junk Food Day falls on Sunday, July 21st. And, if ice cream is your favorite calorie-laden treat, you're in luck. National Ice Cream Day 2024 (observed every year on the third Sunday in July) is celebrated on the same day this year!

So plan on a weekend celebration solely devoted to pigging out on everyone's favorite fast food, snacks, candy AND ice cream without the guilt!

Junk Food Day fun facts

Hostess Twinkies
"The sweetest comeback ever."

• The term “junk food” was first popularized in the 1960s, but only really caught on following the release of the top radio hit, “Junk Food Junkie" in 1976.

• The iconic Twinkie was threatened with extinction when maker Hostess filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The following year the company was bought up by a global management firm and returned to store shelves to the delight of millions. The rapid turn of events was later billed as "the sweetest comeback in history ever."

• The Tootsie Roll is named after its creator Leo Hirshfield's daughter Clara, whose nickname was "Tootsie."

• Today, the average American eats about 24.5 pounds of candy per year, with almost half of that made with some variation of chocolate.

• America's most popular candy bar? Snickers. The best-selling potato chip brands? 1. Lay's, 2. Ruffles, and 3. Pringles.

Snickers, still America's
favorite candy bar.

How to celebrate National Junk Food Day

Throw caution to the wind. Eat more junk food least for one day.

From greasy fast food to candy bars and lollipops, jelly beans, ice cream and milkshakes -- the major goal is to enjoy your favorite guilty pleasure for 24 hours without worrying about all the empty calories you're consuming.

Share the wealth with friends and neighbors by presenting gift baskets chock full of junk food, or go retro by searching online for purveyors of nostalgic candies such as Pez, Twizzlers, Animal Crackers, and other favorites from days gone by.

Online, get interactive and test your skills at sites such as Name That Candy Bar! or try your hand at Cap'n Crunch Word Crunch.

Have fun!

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