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Fast Food Facts & Trivia
Welcome to the world of fast food - from the newly dangerous monster thickburgers, on back to the early beginnings of the 1950's fast food age....including trivia, fast facts and info on the world's major fast food chains, with related marketing & health concerns about the junk food everybody hates to love.

Want fries with that?...

  Arby's Hardee's Pizza Hut
  Burger King KFC Subway
  Chick-Fil-A McDonald's Taco Bell


Papa John's Wendy's

also see in Holidays -> National Junk Food Day

More fast food facts around the Web:

Fast Food Facts - Pick your poison from an array of the major burger and chicken joints for calorie, fat, and sodium content of menu items, plus more on what's inside Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Dairy Queen...and don't miss out on a great store of Fast Food Trivia.

Fast Food Archive - A trip down memory lane with photo galleries of everybody's favorite giveaways, toys, and promotional items from such giants as IHOP, Howard Johnsons, McDonalds, Mr. Softee and lots more including the unforgettable Chuck E Cheese Premium Belt Buckle.

McDonald's History - The whole earth-shaking history from 1954 and its founding by Ray Kroc, the rise of Ronald McDonald, the Happy Meal, and more.

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