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Awww... Happy National Puppy Day!

Celebrating National Dog Day with cuddles, kisses, and extra treats
Husky, cute, small, or tall, it's time to celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23rd.

This year, mark your calendar for Saturday, March 23, 2024 to celebrate the unique joys of puppy love on National Puppy Day.

Why National Puppy Day? It all began when author Collen Paige (who also helped to establish National Dog Day) wanted to raise awareness for puppy adoption from shelters and rescue organization. Since 2006, the popularity of National Puppy Day as spread to Canada, the UK, and around the world.

National Puppy Day deals and freebies

Today, special promotions advertising National Puppy Day freebies, deals and coupons also help spoil your favorite fur baby. Look for sales on doggie beds, puppy treats and 2-for-1 sales to celebrate the day at retailers PetSmart and Petco, with more discounts online at 1800PetMeds and even Amazon.

Top 10 ways to celebrate National Puppy Day

Extra cuddles, tickles & treats for National Puppy Day.

1. Have a National Puppy Day party and invite all your friends and their puppies. Spoil them with extra treats -- and don't forget the camera!

2. Host a National Dog Day event to raise money for your local animal shelter, or offer your services as a volunteer.

3. Since National Puppy Day happens around Spring break in March, make plans to take your dog along on a dog friendly vacation or a little R&R in a swank dog friendly hotel.

4. Take your puppy to the local dog park to get them exercised and socialized. (It's fun for pet owners to meet their neighbors, too!)

5. Take your puppy to a nursing home or senior community and receive instant smiles and gratitude.

6. Make your house puppy-safe. Much like child-proofing a home, be sure to lock up cleaning supplies or other household chemicals, hide electrical cords, be sure to block access to the backyard pool, and install a fence around the yard so your puppy can safely experience the joy of, well, being a puppy!

7. Buy your puppy a new puppy toy. They can always use more.

8. Don't have a puppy? Find out how to foster or adopt a puppy from your local shelter.

9. Check your local bookstore, library or online community for expert tips on proper care, feeding and training your new puppy.

10. Share photos of your puppy on social media in honor of National Puppy Day.

DID YOU KNOW? Fun facts for National Puppy Day

• Puppies are are born blind, deaf, and toothless. Puppies don't open their eyes until they are nine to 12 days old. Hearing comes at 3 weeks of age, and it isn't until 6 weeks of age that they develop full vision.

• It’s never too early to begin training your puppy. Even at eight weeks, a puppy can learn basic obedience commands like “sit” and “come.”

pointy eared puppies
• Will your puppy have pointed ears? Depending on the particular breed, such as German shepherds and Siberian huskies, you'll notice that their ears will begin to stand up at about 6 months, although rarely both at the same time! Extra calcium in their diet provides certain puppies with the cartilage necessary to make their ears reach full height.

• According to one 2017 French study, puppies react just like human babies do when softly spoken to in sing-song tones and baby talk. (The same study showed that adult dogs couldn't care less.)

Chihuahuas are the only breed that are born with a soft spot on their skull just like humans.

chewing puppy
Chew toys saves lots of wear on shoes & slippers.

• Puppies need to chew in order to develop strong teeth. As a result, they're often found chomping on shoes, gloves, curtains, furniture .... and anything else in sight! Avoid having to discipline them by providing lots of chew toys as they are developing.

• Viewing pictures of puppies made people better at their jobs, at least according to one Japanese study. Workers were a lot more relaxed and focused on a given task by starting their day with a puppy break.

Puppy Bowl 2014 broke all records for viewership when a total of 13.5 million tuned in, making the Puppy Bowl the second most watched program behind the 2014 Super Bowl.

• With National Dog Day, there's also Take Your Dog to Work Day observed every year in the United States in June.

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