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German ShepherdAn icon of loyalty and devotion, the German Shepherd (also known in Europe as the Alsatian) was originally developed from a mix of German farming and shepherding dogs in the late 19th century.

Today, German Shepherds are still hard at work as guides for the blind, or trained as police, rescue and security dogs.

Although most commonly bred in colors of black and tan, the breed comes in a variety of colors ranging from black and silver, black and red, to solid black, tan or white.

As a family pet, they are widely admired for their sleek physical beauty, as well as their confident and courageous character. No truer canine friends exists that equals the love and loyalty that a well-trained German Shepherd shows for its adoptive family.

german shepherd puppies
German Shepherd puppy ears begin to stand up as early as 7 weeks, but typically they
take up to about 6 months before reaching the familiar look of adult German Shepherds

German Shepherd behavior & personality

Intelligent and easily trained, the German Shepherd is an affable and friendly dog if socialized early enough in puppyhood.

German ShepherdIts tremendous self possession sometimes gives the impression that it is unapproachable. However, the breed usually loves the company of people, and is generally very gentle around small children. They also make for excellent watchdogs, as German Shepherds will instinctively guard their adopted "flock" against any and all trespassers.

Care & Health

As with many other larger breeds, German Shepherds are susceptible to canine hip dysplasia, a malformation of the hip that leads to cartilage damage and crippling arthritis. If caught in its very early stages, hip dysplasia may be treated with surgery, although quite often symptoms are not detected until too late, when treatment options become frustratingly limited.

Less common conditions associated with the breed include skin rashes or allergies. The breed may also sometimes suffer from a more serious nerve condition, canine degenerative myelopathy, that may also weaken or cripple the back legs.

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