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PoodleContrary to popular belief — that poodles are made up to look like they just stepped out the local hairdressers — the breed's typical cut or "clip" arose from their original role as working dogs

For centuries, poodles were loyal companions to hunters, who began to clip their thick coats to help them gain better mobility through the water on duck hunts. Only the coat around the face, head, leg joints, and tail remained to keep them warm.

In modern times, the classic poodle-do remains not so much a symbol of vanity, but more as a reminder of their heritage as common retrievers. The name poodle, or in the original German Pudelhund, means "splashing dog".

Poodles are intelligent, easy to train, loyal and affectionate, and remain one of the Top Ten most popular dog breeds in Europe and America either in toy, miniature or standard size breeds.

Poodle behavior & personality

The standard poodle's typical long legs give it a somewhat bouncing gait and a dignified air, but their basic personalities are fun loving and athletic.

Left to their own devices, poodles are energetic outdoor adventurers.

They can also turn mischievous if left to their own devices. They are very adaptable to big families, and are usually gentle around small children, but are often highly territorial - making them additional candidates for excellent watchdogs.

Care & Health

poodleThat the thick-coated poodle doesn't shed is a common misperception. Rather, hairs remain inside the coat and if not frequently brushed the result is often a messy, matted coat.

Although not as common a disorder in humans, canine Addison's disease plays a bigger role in major health issues affecting poodles. The adrenal gland disorder is marked by symptoms such as general lethargy, an inability to deal with stress. Although serious in it complications Addison's disease in poodles is notoriously hard to spot by veterinarians.

Bloat (GDV), or gastric dilation volvutus, is another common health issue along with thyroid problems, kidney disease and hip dysplasia as the poodle matures.

Poodles fun facts - DID YOU KNOW?

Hunting poodle,
16th century.

• The French have had a love affair with the breed since Renaissance times and eventually proclaimed the Poodle as the national dog of France.

Poodles have posed for artists dating back to ancient Rome and have appeared in paintings by artists from Goya to Gainsborough.

• Although best known for their luxurious coats, Poodles still maintain the physical strength and dexterity for which they were originally bred, and are even sometimes still seen using their paws to pick up small objects.

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