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Dogs have been man's best friend since prehistoric times, when dogs learned to hunt with packs of humans.

Today, puppy and dog fans number in the millions. Online, puppies remain one of the most popular "Web celebs" people search for online worldwide.

Besides the emotional benefits of canine companionship, modern health studies also point to increased physical activity, better weight management, and joint pain reduction among avid dog owners of all ages.

Below, check out more about how to take good care of your best friend with advice on puppy care and feeding, tips on how to find the best dog trainer, facts about dog health and illnesses -- with more on dog day care, traveling with your dog ,plus -- just up ahead, specific information on everyone's favorite dog breeds in the US and worldwide:

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Most Popular Dog Breeds

BeagleBeagles, the happy-go-lucky family pet who makes an annual appearance on Top Ten lists of most popular dogs - is most famous for its usually robust good health and even-tempered personality. Although somewhat shy of strangers, they generally warm to them quickly and, for this reason alone, they are not considered the best of guard dogs .... more about Beagles.

BoxerBoxers as we know them today were developed by breeders in 19th century Germany. Today, they make for a great family pet due to their legendary loyalty, their talents as a trustworthy watchdog, and utmost patience with small children in their protective care .... more about Boxers.

BulldogBulldogs were once trained to use their powerful jaws to latch on to a bull's neck or snout (often resulting in the bull lying mortally wounded) - to often uproarious cheers by bloodthirsty audiences in ancient Rome. Today, their wilder side has been tamed to result in a perfectly domesticated household pet .... more about Bulldogs.

ChihuahuaChihuahuas have secured their place in the arms of Hollywood celebrities as well as in American pop culture, with star performances in their own right in a famous 1990's Taco Bell ad campaign, and in the full-length Disney comedy "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" .... more about Chihuahuas.

DachshundsDachshunds are much-beloved for their playful antics, and are known by their common nicknames such as "hot dog" and "wiener dog" describing their sleek coat and elongated shape. Historians believe that sausages sold from New York push carts by 19th century German immigrants were named "dachshund dogs", a term that soon evolved into what many Americans called the "hot dog" .... more about Dachshunds.

German ShepherdGerman Shepherds are affable and friendly if socialized early enough in puppyhood. Later, when fully grown, their tremendous self possession sometimes gives the impression that they are unapproachable. However, the breed usually loves the company of people, and they are generally very gentle around small children. They also make for excellent watchdogs, as German Shepherds will instinctively guard their adopted "flock" against any and all trespassers .... more about German Shepherds.

Golden Retrievers as puppies are a fun-loving, active and unruly lot who eventually grow into gentle and loving family members when fully mature at about age 2. As the name implies, the breed's innate desire to retrieve often results in hours of endless fun playing catch with a ball or flying disc, and its love of splashing around in water makes Golden Retrievers excellent boating & fishing pals .... more about Golden Retrievers.

Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retrievers remain one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide, and are consistently voted the No.1 dog in the USA. Originally, the Labrador Retriever worked alongside local fishermen to help haul-in fishing nets when it was bred in colonial fishing communities in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada .... more about Labrador Retrievers.

PoodlePoodles are intelligent, easy to train, loyal and affectionate, and remain one of the Top Ten most popular dog breeds in Europe and America. They are very adaptable to big families, and are usually gentle around small children, but are often highly territorial - making them additional candidates for excellent watchdogs ..... more about Poodles.

Shih TzuShih Tzus were unknown in the West until the early 20th century, when visiting ambassadors brought them home to Europe and from there they traveled to Canada and America. Today their big eyes, energetic personality, and long, flowing coat have continually earned Shih Tzus a place on Top Ten lists of most popular dogs in the U.S. .... more about Shih Tzus


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Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

- You name it, it's here...with a complete directory of dog forums, dog chats, dogs for sale, lists of breeders, dog names, related articles, dog wanted ads and more.

Dogster - Only a true dog lover will understand the concept of a social networking site for dogs. Every dog has his or her own page and can write (with the help of their human) a diary where they blog the interesting events in their doggy world. Plenty of pictures and lots of fun for dogs and their humans.

Looking after your dog - Discover a complete online encyclopedia downloadable in PDF format by topic -- including puppy care & feeding, choosing a dog, health concerns, how to control chewing, dog training, basic first aid, and more.

Dog Play - What to do with Rover besides Frisbee tossing? Get hundreds of ideas here plus a huge collection of related info including links to dog behavior & training, tips on getting a dog, choosing a purebred puppy, and lots more.


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