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BeagleAlthough their ancestors date back to ancient times - including a reference to their use in rabbit hunting in ancient Greece - the beagle later rose to true prominence during the Tudor and Elizabethan eras in Britain when they became an important part of royal hunting expeditions.

Since then, the beagle has been depicted in numerous prints and paintings as loyal helpmate on the hunt, and more recently has won modern pop culture status as Snoopy ... "the world's most famous beagle."

Part of the hound family of dogs, their acute sense of smell continues to make them popular with rabbit hunters,

Government agencies, as well, regularly employ them as canine detectives helping to sniff-out illegal imported goods at trading ports worldwide.

Loving, loyal, and curious are only a few reasons why beagles make the Top Ten list each year.


Today, the happy-go-lucky beagle's main claim to fame is as a favorite family pet, making annual appearance on Top Ten lists of most popular dogs for its robust good health and even-tempered personality.

Their worldwide popularity was affirmed when beagles were named top dog at the Westminster Dog Show in New York City in both 2008 ("Uno") and 2015 ("Miss P").

Beagle behavior & personality

Snoopy, the world's
most famous Beagle.

A wanderer by nature due to its highly developed sense of smell, the beagle requires special attention when spending time outside. Proper leashing or secure gates are a necessity for the inquisitive hunter, who may run off in all directions if allowed the opportunity.

Generally calm and good natured, the beagle is basically a pack animal who delights in being surrounded by familiar adults, children or other pets. Although somewhat shy of strangers, they generally warm to them quickly and for this reason they are not considered the best of guard dogs.

Despite their reputation for being difficult to train, it has been shown that with proper handling - based on positive reinforcement - an easily distracted beagle will eventually come to heel.

Beagle care & health

healthy old beagle12 years is the average life span of beagles, which are prone to several beagle health problems that may require treatment during their lifetimes usually centering around the eyes, ears, or nasal system.

As they grow older, beagles may also suffer from joint diseases or heart problems mainly due to inactivity or excess weight.

Therefore, careful monitoring of food and exercise are important throughout its life and most especially as the beagle reaches old age.

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