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ski resortIf you live north of the Equator, get ready to say goodbye to fall and give a big welcome to the favorite season of kids and skier's — winter.

With temperatures steadily dropping and the days growing shorter, the promise of holiday fun and family gatherings, the excitement of Bowl games and snow sports are winter's answer to the gloomy thoughts of heating bills, and slippery sidewalks.

All in all, most of us actually look forward to greeting the winter solstice in December which signals some of the biggest events of the year.

Start planning now for the frosty season with our guide to winter holidays, ski resorts, travel information, recipes - and more great ideas for shaking off the blues - and celebrating the crisp, clear days of WINTER!...

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Sleeping Warm in the Outdoors

winter camping sunset
Snuggling in a sleeping bag on a cold winter camping adventure can be a peak lifetime memory, but remember the body cools down during sleep. Preventing heat loss is a must do for cold weather campers. Stay warm on your next camping or backpacking trip with these simple tips ...

Favorite Winter Dishes & Recipes

Baked Winter Squash
Chunky Beef Crock Pot Chili
Winter Comfort Soups
Holiday Pork & Chicken Tamales
Chanukah Latkes
New England Christmas Clambake

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