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Sicily, with its warm temperatures, hilly terrain, sea breezes and rich soil, is very similar to the growing conditions seen in the best wineries of California or Australia.

With such perfect conditions, it should come as little surprise that the country has more area under vine than any other major winemaking region in Italy.

vineyard near mt. etna, sicily
Sicilian vineyard near Mt. Etna.

As a result, the enormous amount of grapes grown under the bright Sicilian sunshine are made into raisins, fill countless fruit bowls, or are naturally used in the production of wine. In fact, Sicily produces more wine per year than Australia, New Zealand and Hungary combined.

Some Sicilian winemakers produce well-known varietals like Merlot, Chardonnay and Sangiovese. Others believe that the world is ready to be introduced to such indigenous varieties as Nero d’Avola, Nerello Mascalese, Inzolia and Catarratto. These are the grapes that display the character of Sicily’s winemaking tradition and are ideally suited for the vibrant flavors of the island’s cuisine.

On the international scene, Sicily is also renowned for the many outstanding cooking and dessert wines, such as the world-famous Marsala used in such popular dishes as Chicken Marsala.

If you happen to travel to the island around November 11 look for signs announcing the annual Festa del Vino or "Festival of the Wine" to truly appreciate a taste for the grape and its importance to thousands of years of Sicilian history and culture. "Salute!"

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