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Primorska wine region, Slovenia
Goriška Brda district vineyard
in the Primorska wine region.

As Eastern Europe and Slovenia tourism become more popular with sophisticated travelers, the wines produced within its borders have risen in reputation and have become more favored and well-known than ever before.

Within Slovenia there are 21,600 hectares (53,373 acres) of vineyard concentrated in three winegrowing regions: Podravje, Posavje, and Primorje.

The climate is favorable to a host of grape varieties and the country produces whites, reds and roses, but the mother nature can play havoc with production.

Slovenia is located between the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean, a combination that results in a complicated wine growing climate. Slovene viticulture often suffers from weather disruptions that can drop the total annual output of Slovene vineyards in some years by as much as half. However, the traditional hardship usually results in production of more top quality wines.

In fact, more than 70 percent of the wines produced here are quality and high-quality wines, with the rest marketed for export. If you're lucky enough to be traveling through Slovenia, do as the Slovenians do, and enjoy the availability of top-shelf wines that Slovenia natives have been enjoying for centuries ....

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