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Football Bowl Games...
The King of all Parties!

football party spread

The king of all football games is around the corner. There is something for everyone, good friends, laughs, food, football, surprising half time entertainment and don't forget the commercials!

At the parties we've had in the past, I think half the crowd enjoyed the party almost as much as the game. Here are a few tips for planning your party.

Invitations – Use football clip art to print up your own fun invitations. Send them out 2 to 3 weeks in advance, with an "RSVP" for 7 to 10 days before. Don't be shy, ask your guests to bring an appetizer or beverage to share with the group.

Themed - for added fun, set a theme such as Mardi Gras, BBQ, super bowl commercials or anything football. If you do choose a theme, use graphics related to that theme when decorating your home. Base the food around the theme, even have the invitations with the theme party name and ask guests to bring an appetizer or drink related to that theme. For example if you do a Mardi Gras theme – cook up some fun New Orleans style food and pass out handfuls of beaded necklaces when the guests arrive.

Activities – To spice up the party add some quarterly and half time fun. Upon arrival of your guests have each person write their name on a piece of paper (you could make a fun theme related form on your computer). Add it to a football helmet. At the end of each quarter, pull a name or two (depending on how many guests you have). That person would win a mini football or other football related novelty.

At half-time, give each person a sheet of paper and pencil, ask them to write down all of the commercials they can remember from the first half. The person with the most correct answers will win a football related novelty gift. With this game you do have to work a little by remembering to write down the commercials.

Decorating Tips – Designate a room for a beverage table and food table. The beverage table can be a countertop or small stand. Use a metal or plastic bucket, fill with ice and toss in a variety of beverages. Add the cups and an ice bucket to the side. That provides easy access and looks like fun!

Then the food table – football tablecloth, plates & napkins. You can purchase all kinds of inexpensive plastic football and stadium platter plates for guests to serve themselves. If you have a platter with individual desserts or sandwiches, purchase a bag of mini football helmets (approx. 1-2 inches in size) and place one on top of each serving piece.

Most importantly, make sure you arrange your room with lots of seating – add folding chairs around the room. If possible, add a smaller TV in the kitchen. As my husband says “even when getting a plate of food, you don't want to miss a move”.

This is such an easy party to host for your friends.

You will have so much fun. Take photos, post them up year after year for your friends to see, talk about and remember past games.

Happy Touchdowns!

About the Author...Cindy Barney

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