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Happy National Cookie Day 2024!

happy national cookie dayWho doesn't love ... cookies!

On Wednesday, December 4, 2024 mark your calendar to celebrate National Cookie Day.

First celebrated in 1987, National Cookie Day won the hearts of millions throughout the years as Christmas revelers take to the kitchen during the holiday season to make a fresh batch of homemade goodness.

And, not to mention National Cookie Day deals and freebies that come with celebrating the big day.

Just up ahead, check more of the sweetness National Cookie Day has to offer including a bit of history, fun facts, recipes and related resources around the Web:

2024 National Cookie Day freebies, deals & discounts

What's better than cookies? Free cookies!

Traditionally, the big cookie chains go big on National Cookie Day, so be on the lookouit for Insomnia Cookies to celebrate with special discounts, along with 2-for-1 deals like Great American Cookies offered last year.

At Fatburger through December customers were able to get a free cookie in stores or online with the code participating locations. Fazoli's also offered a free cookie with any purchase at participating locations.

As always, also check out your neighborhood bakeries, fast food joints. and supermarkets for special deals in honor of the day.

Meanwhile, keep it here for updates and detials as the US celebrates National Cookie Day 2024.

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How else to celebrate National Cookie Day

Homemade cookies anyone?

Celebrate National Cookie Day by inviting friends over for holiday cookie decorating, or a cookie swap in your community or workplace. Whether it's chocolate chip cookies, an easy Christmas sugar cookies, or a favorite family recipe -- making cookies is a great excuse for a holiday get-together with friends.

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Also be sure to check out local bakeries and cafes joining in the fun by inviting family and friends to a night out for coffee (or hot chocolate!) and cookies.

Start a tradition this year by donating homemade or store-bought cookies to a hospital, soup kitchen or local neighborhood center. It's a wonderful activity that is fun and inexpensive to do. The feeling that you'll get by giving back to the community? Priceless.

Share your favorite cookies on social media using the hashtag #NationalCookieDay - and if they're your homemade specialty don't forget to share the recipe!

A bit of cookie history

The ancient Persians are credited for inventing the cookie that eventually traveled through the Arab world and into Europe.

America's first cookie was made in Dutch New Amsterdam (now New York City).and "cookie" comes from the Dutch "koekje," meaning little cake.

Today, cookies have become one of the world's favorite sweet treat -- ranging from mass produced to heartfelt homemade gifts and even artfully-crafted gourmet creations..

National Cookie Day fun facts

• Americans consume over 2 billion cookies a year/

• The chocolate chip cookie is America’s most popular cookie with 53% of Americans naming it their favorite, followed by peanut butter cookies (16%) and oatmeal cookies (15%).

The world's biggest cookie was baked on May 17, 2003 in Flat Rock, NC by Immaculate Baking Company. It clocked in at 102 feet wide and weighed over 40,000 pounds.

national cookie day december 4
American Favorites: chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies.

• Animal Crackers, introduced in 1902 by by Nabisco, were the first commercial cookie to be massed-produced in the U.S.

• Fortune cookies are actually an American invention originating in California (probably by a sage Chinese restaurant owner). The meal-ending treat became so popular that it started to appear in Chinese restaurants coast-to-coast.

• And, finally, a baking tip! Chocolate chips don’t melt because they contain less cocoa butter than chocolate candy. So don't' be tempted to crush up a chocolate bar as a substitute -- unless you like your chocolate chip cookies extra gooey.

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More about National Cookie Day around the Web:

National Cookie Day - Cookie history and fun facts plus great ideas for celebrating the day, and recipes to try.


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