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Chicken recipes - salad, sandwich, fried, roastedChicken!

Although grandma may have handed down her favorite recipe for chicken dinner, a whole new generation of home chefs continue to get creative with ...THE white meat.

It's juicy, tender and delicious, and yet so versatile that it may be difficult to decide upon your own favorite classic chicken recipe.

Today it can be served just as often as Southern fried chicken, as a party snack a la Buffalo chicken wings, or popular barbecue favorite - or why not get really creative by learning to make your own Italian restaurant favorites such as Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Parmigiana or savory Chicken Marsala?

Of course, chicken is just as tasty as a stir fry, in an easy casseroles, in summer salads, or when winter rolls around prepared in a steaming pot of homemade chicken soup, (a.k.a. "Jewish penicillin") as a natural immune system booster.

Tips and tricks to cooking the perfect pan-fried chicken

juicy pan fried chickenAlthough one of the easiest meats to buy, store, and prepare, cooking the perfect chicken takes practice!

Beginners usually make the mistake of slow cooking chicken to ensure that the meat is thoroughly heated through. But more expereienced cooks will tell you that the juiciest chicken is prepared flash-fire hot, at first.

When frying chicken pieces, put your pan over high heat and let the chicken sizzle as the extra heat helps seal in the juices and turn the skin a golden brown. Then lower the heat as you let your chicken cook to mouth-watering perfection.

Another secret to perfectly pan-fried chicken? After lowering the heat, cover the chicken and let steam for 10-15 minutes before uncovering in the final minutes to let crisp. The cover will not only cut down on cooking time, but your stove top will also remain relatively spatter-free!

Chicken recipes from the Chiff Chef Recipe File:

Chicken Piquant Homemade Chicken Nuggets Honey Glazed Chicken Wings
Chicken Valdostana Chicken Cacciatore Kentucky Fried Chicken

Buying, preparation & chicken safety tips

• Chicken is one of the most inexpensive buys at your local supermarket, but before you purchase be sure to check the freshness date and refrigerate promptly or freeze if not used within 2 days.

• Always wash hands, countertops, cutting boards, knives and other utensils used in preparing raw chicken before they come in contact with other foods.

• For easy storage, cut up a whole chicken into parts. This not only eases serving portions, but will later make defrosting that much quicker (in refrigerator, about 9 hours as opposed to 24 hours for a whole chicken.)

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