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Abyssinian catWhere did Abyssinians get their distinctive appearance?

The most popular notion compares the cat's long, strong, elegant physique to cats depicted in early Egyptian art, concluding that it has all the earmarks of that country's provenance.

Adding to the mystique. Abys were first bred in the mid-to-late 19th century when a cat by the name of Zulu (brought back from the region by a British soldier), was said to be the first to establish the modern breed. More recent genetic studies, however, point more likely to the coast the Indian Ocean and South East Asia.

Abyssinian behavior & personality

With their ever-playful personalities and very low boredom thresholds, Abys are - despite their regal appearance - more dog-like in behavior than most other cat breeds.

Intelligent and energetic, the Abyssinian requires lots of stimulation and exercise, although for most owners that is not hard to do since these cats are generally a delight to be around.

They are not necessarily cuddly, but watch carefully and be entertained as they scale the heights of a household, turn on water spouts, or open doors by themselves. Petty thievery is also often performed right in front you -- if only to see your alarmed reaction!

Care & Health

High protein foods are often recommended for the very active, playful Abyssinian. Abys suffer from relatively few health concerns, although gum disease is a common ailment best prevented by occasional servings of dry feed to prevent feline gingivitis.

Abyssinians also have been known to develop PRA or progressive retina atrophy, a hereditary eye disease which if left untreated may lead to impaired vision and eventual blindness.

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