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siamese catOne of the oldest and traditional of cat breeds, the Siamese remains the center of tales & legends dating back to ancient Siam (now Thailand) where it was favored companionship for temple priests and royalty.

First introduced to the West in the late 19th century, the Siamese later made it all the way to the White House - when First Lady Lucy Hayes, wife of President Rutherford B. Hayes, became the first Siamese cat owner in America.

Today, with to their bright blue almond-shaped eyes, distinctive color points, elegant bearing and "talkative" personality, Siamese cats remain among some of the world's most popular cat breeds.

Behavior & Personality

Having socialized with humans for centuries, the Siamese cat is well-versed in stealing the hearts of their owners.

Their legendary low-pitched call is a form of communication called "meezer". It often sounds like a crying baby, which almost guarantees our absolute devotion to them.

Siamese elegannce and aloofness contrasts with a loving, playful nature with those closest to them.

Although the Siamese may seem aloof and stand-offish to strangers, Siamese cat owners know well how playful and affectionate they can be. Their need for companionship is also evident in a notable aversion to being left alone for any length of time.

Care & Health

The Siamese requires no special care other than an occasional brushing along with plenty of opportunity for companionship, play, and exercise.

Inherited defects include crossed eyes, kinked tail, and more serious but less common conditions like nystagmus (jerking or rotational eye movements) and congenital heart disease.

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